NOTE: Only black t-shirts are available, with only sketches 1 through 6 currently in stock.

Short-Sleeve T-shirts are $25 each and available in 3 different styles: 
 -  White T and Grey T with Black ink
 -  Black T with White ink
T-shirts 1, 2, 3 and 6 have large sketches on the back, with small front chest sketch. T shirts 4 and 5 have large sketches on front. 

Long-sleeve shirts are $30 each with thicker material, and three hand 
sketched designs: 
  -  L/S - Sketch 4 - Light Grey with Black ink - Large Sketch is on front. 
  -  L/S - Sketch 5 - Black with White ink - Large Sketch is on front. 
  -  L/S - Sketch 6 - Dark Gray with White ink - Large Sketch on back, with small front chest sketch. Sizes available are XXL, XL, L, M, and S.


All BLACK short-sleeve shirts are now on sale.
Check them out and pick your favorite!
Click the sketches below to see shirt details:
Please NOTE: products available only to the U.S. and its territories