The 1970s and 1980s

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The 1970s and 1980s were surfing eras that still held uncrowded secrets - the surf world had yet to be exploited and polluted by the internet pirates and surf industry - these were still simpler times. The majority of my images in these books remain unpublished. There was an alternate path to the competitive and media hype in these decades. We were flying under the radar, exploring new spots, not drawing maps and playing our cards close to our vests. We lived it back then—and this is my story.

Shooting The Decades, The 1970s and 1980s - 348 pages, limited edition only - hard cover, signed and numbered.

Locations: Mexico, Australia, Wilderness California, Bali, New Zealand, Hawaii, Baja, Peru, Santa Cruz.

Contributing authors: Drew Kampion, Mark Gray, Brian Bleak, Ben Marcus, Chris Aherns, Phil Jarratt, Rabbit Bartholomew, Gregory Schell.

Alternate Visions

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This book is a statement on good surfing style, and the use of different board designs that reflect this approach. New innovations as well as theories derived from past surfing transition eras, all the way to modern times - when style actually reemerged as a sought after priority - the reawakening of riding the wave rather then the board - when flowing with the wave became all important once again. 

Alternate Visions - 328 pages, photographed mainly in the last 5 years. Limited edition only - hard cover, signed and numbered. Shipping in December.

Locations: Peru, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Wilderness California. 

Contributing authors: Ben Marcus, Mark Gray, Chris Klopf, Kevin O'Sullivan.

Both books: $150

1st book - 'Shooting The  Decades, the 1970s and 1980s' + 2nd book - 'Alternate Visions' — a total combined of 676 pages. Separate insured shipping and  sales tax charges apply.

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